SVEA Contract


Design: Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni ” THE OBJECTS ALREADY EXIST BEFORE BEING DESIGNED. THE LIVE IN THE LIMBO OF IDEAS AND AWAIT ONLY THEIR MOMENT OF REALIZATION”. V2 is antisymmetric and disproportional. In imbalance it finds its equilibrium, which fits into an angle off the centre.V2 exude speed, energy and movement, innovative harmony, thanks to their asymmetrical design that makes them only superficially discordant. The project is inspired by the linear minimalism of the “Mid-century Modern” architecture and design movement that characterized the ‘50s and ‘60s and, at the same time.



Minimalistisk fåtölj med drag från 50-& 60-talet. Finns även som tvåsits!

D.V2 2P

Asymmetrisk soffa 230cm med drag från 50-& 60-talet.